M&M's Has A New Frozen Treat You're Going To Want To Try

If you've ever made an ice cream sundae and topped it with a few handfuls of M&M's, you know what a tasty combination that is. It makes sense. I mean how could putting ice cream, candy, and chocolate together be bad? Finally, the makers of M&M's have caught on to this dessert pairing and introduced the M&M's Ice Cream Bar.

We recently found out about the new ice cream bars when CandyHunting posted a photo on Instagram. The frozen treats come in the shape of a chocolate-coated candy bar, but the inside is filled with vanilla ice cream. Classic milk chocolate M&M's are distributed throughout the ice cream filling. With every bite, you get the smoothness of the ice cream and the perfect crunch of the candy.

A photo posted by @candyhunting on

According to RefrigeratedFrozenFood.com, M&M's Ice Cream Bars were officially rolled out in December. You can buy a single bar for about $1.79 or get a box of six for around $3.99. So, next time you're at the store, pop by the freezer aisle to see if you can get a taste.

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