This Baby's Hair Routine Is More Extensive Than Most Adults

Would you ever expect an 11-month old baby to endure an even longer hair routine than you do? No, of course not. Most kids at that age don't even have enough hairs on their heads to make that feat possible. But baby Amelia, the daughter of mother Kayley, is the exception.
Amelia was born with such an impressive head of hair that her mom claims it takes two hours to style. Sounds crazy, right? But it's true: The mother-daughter duo appeared on the UK show This Morning to go over why, where, and how. And it's way less elaborate than you might expect. (You can see it all for yourself by pressing play on the video above.)
The main time-suck is baby oil, which Kayley uses as a styling product. She explains that she usually massages the elixir onto Amelia's head to soften the hair (which she says is very thick). It also helps soothe and treat "cradle cap," a.k.a. the baby version of dandruff. Fine, we'll admit the cuteness factor is a solid nine at this point in the clip.
Here's where the time factor comes in: Kayley leaves the baby oil on Amelia's scalp for two full hours. Only a true beauty guru can appreciate someone teaching the very important lesson of pre-shampoo treatments. Once that time is up, she'll rinse out the product, pat dry, and potentially throw on two silk bows. (Is there anything cuter than a baby with bow-tie hair accessories?)
But the most adorable part of the entire story: Amelia adores getting her hair dried. While Kayley's older daughter is terrified of the hot tool (which we will admit might save her some hair damage in the future), the soothing sound stops Amelia from crying every time. Here's hoping she keeps up the good habits.

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