Courteney Cox Finds Out Her Ancestors May Have Been… Murderers

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We all know that Los Angeles is a nepotistic, cut-throat, and full of Hollywood royalty. But what if I told you that an actress that you are very friendly with is actually related to a murderer. Oh, yes — juicy, indeed.
On an upcoming episode of TLC's Who Do You Think You Are, Friends star Courteney Cox finds out that she is actually not who she thinks she is.
Apparently, her great-great-great-etc ancestors murdered the King of England back in the day. Her Friends co-star (and executive producer of the TLC ancestry series) Lisa Kudrow spilled the news during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. "She was hoping that her family were good people, and no one murdered anyone,” Kudrow said of Cox’s appearance on her show. "And it turns out her ancestors murdered the King of England."
Due to a time cut-off, Kudrow doesn't get into the details of how that information comes to light, but ET does have a sneak peek of the episode which shows Cox navigating through a creaky room full of old, dusty books somewhere in an old castle that apparently used to belong to her 18 times great-grandfather during the Middle Ages. Damn.
In the clip, Cox learns about her family's involvement with the king in power at the time (the same one Kudrow says ends up dead — it's not really clear which). A transcript, translated from Latin to English, indicates that her ancestor, Thomas Lord Berkeley, was holding the king's father prisoner. As Cox hears more and more about her family's scandalous past, it's clear that this was a lot more information than she anticipated she would receive. But it sounds like it would also make a pretty interesting movie.
To see how it all ends up (even though we already have the spoilers from good ol' Phoebe), you can tune in to the season 9 premiere of the series.
Check out the clip below.

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