These People Just Figured Out What MUA Stands For — & They're Losing It

We’ve all been there: You're forced to Google the latest acronym because you have no idea what the hell everyone is talking about. For some, it was NSFW (not safe for work) or TFW (that feeling when). For others it’s STAN (stalker and fan) or even LYLAS (love you like a sister, a once popular AOL chat term that sneaks back into the zeitgeist just often enough to stump us) — and there are plenty more where that came from.
In an age where it feels like there's a new acronym every time you receive a text, there are still a lot we aren’t sure about. And the second you’re told the truth or decide to finally search it on Urban Dictionary, the moment of clarity is the definition of millennial victory. Luckily, we’re not alone.
While some are more puzzling than others, there was one huge beauty-related mix-up going down on Twitter today — and we totally lost it. “When you finally realize what MUA stands for” had a huge moment today with many confused people having the same lightbulb moment. If you didn’t catch on, MUA is short for makeup artist — and it’s that simple. But while the rest of us understood the shortened label, some unaware souls just figured it out.
One user wrote, “Yo I just found out that 'MUA' women have in their bios stood for "makeup artist". This whole time I thought they were blowing me a kiss.”
One user thought it was a location tag.
And another assumed it stood for “municipal undergarment advisor” — whatever that is.
Our favorite: One Twitter user assumed the shorthand was Manny Gutierrez’s last name (which would be kind of dope).
And there were even more confused and equally-elated Tweeters popping up all morning.
If anything got done today, it’s that plenty more people in the world now know what MUA means — which seems successful to us. Now that we have that figured out, can someone please remind us what BAE actually stands for?

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