8 Weed Subscription Boxes To Bring A Little Extra Chill Into Your Life

The only thing more fun than getting a package full of surprise goodies in the mail is getting a package full of surprise weed goodies in the mail. Yep, we're talkin' marijuana subscription boxes, which deliver a new assortment of cannabis-themed items every month. And, honestly, couldn't we all use a little more chill in our lives right about now?
Because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, products that contain actual cannabis can't be shipped across state lines (even if they're coming from weed-legal states). But that hasn't stopped some creative businesses out there from enhancing your smoking experience anyways.
Instead of sending marijuana, the majority will send you boxes of accessories. That includes pipes and other smoking implements, but also rolling papers, lighters, snacks, and other pot-themed fun stuff.
However, there are a few companies out there sending subscription boxes with actual cannabis products in them, such as samples of artisan strains or marijuana-infused lotions. They're just sticking within their state (at this point, that's pretty much just California).
So keep all that in mind when selecting your monthly goodie box. Ahead, we've collected a few of the most enticing weed-themed subscription boxes out there.
Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.
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Hippie Butler

What you get: A highly customizable box based on your smoking style and personal preferences.

What it costs: $1/mo for The Party Favor, $15.99/mo for the Rollers Club, $32.99/mo for the Butler Box, or 139.99/mo for the Masters Club.

Best for: The pickiest smoker
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Cannabake Box

What you get: A wide array of supplies, accessories, and other goodies.

What it costs: $26 (plus shipping) for three months of the Standard Box (5-9 items), $46 (plus shipping) for three months of the 710 Box (7-12 items), or $56 (plus shipping) for three months of the Craft Box (7-12 items).

Best for: The smoker who's always misplacing their pipe.
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Daily High Club

What you get: Formerly Dollar High Club, the newly re-branded DHC still delivers the essential rolling papers, tips, and matches plus some fun extra goodies at an extremely efficient price.

What it costs: One dollar gets you the All-Natural box (a standard assortment of papers, tips, matches, and wick, a hemp-based cord you can use to light pipes), $12/mo will get you the Connoisseur (7-9 curated products), or you can snag El Primo box for $30/mo ($80-worth of curated products including a glass piece). You do have to pay an extra $2 for shipping The All-Natural, but the other two ship for free.

Best for: Creatures of habit (and comfort).
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420 Goodybox

What you get: A mix of smoking accessories, snacks, and other goodies.

What it costs: $9.95/mo for The Loot Pack (4-8 items), $21.98/mo for The Goody Box (5-9 items), $79.98/mo for The Top Shelf (7-13 items).

Best for: Munchies.
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Kush Cargo

What you get: Your choice of herb- or concentrate-related products plus limited edition lifestyle merch.

What it costs: $11/mo for the Carry On Cargo (3-5 basic essentials), $30/mo for the OG Cargo (3-6 items), $65/mo for the Exclusive Class Cargo (3-6 items, including one high-quality glass piece), or $110/mo for the First Class Cargo (3-10 items, including one high-quality glass piece).

Best for: A little bit of everything.
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Puff Pack

What you get: Not the fanciest stuff around, but you'll get a customizable bundle of all the essentials for an extremely agreeable price.

What it costs: $1/mo for The Economist (worth about $5 in-store), $12/mo for The Mediator (worth about $17 in-store), $24/mo for The Artisan (worth about $35 in-store), or $28/mo for the Mystery Pack (5-7 mystery items worth at least $35 in-store).

Best for: The smoker on a budget.
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What you get: Cannabis accessories plus weed-themed shirts, socks, and more.

What it costs: $28.83 plus shipping for one month, $27.83/mo for three months, or $26.83/mo for six months. (All contain 6-9 essential items plus accessories.)

Best for: The cool kids.
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What you get: An assortment of 8-10 items, which usually includes rolling papers, tips, stuff to help you clean your pipes, and a fancy glass piece.

5Best for: sts: $29.99 (plus shipping) if you choose to pay per order, $80.97 (plus shipping) for three orders prepaid, $158.35 (plus shipping) for six orders prepaid, or $305.90 (plus shipping) for 12 orders prepaid.

Best for: Glass enthusiasts.

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