Michelle Obama Surprises High School Students With Secret Visit

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The words “high school assembly” aren’t usually synonymous with “the most exciting day ever,” but there are exceptions to every rule. Case in point — former First Lady Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to Ballou STAY High School in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday and it was presumably an experience that students will remember for the rest of their lives.
The school’s staff and students were told that Tuesday’s visitor would be Antwan Wilson, the new chancellor of D.C. public schools. Imagine their surprise and elation when Obama strolled into the room instead. (No disrespect to Wilson, of course — it’s a universally-known fact that competing with Michelle Obama is an impossible feat.)
During her visit, Obama spent over an hour meeting privately with 14 students to discuss the importance of higher education and finding their passions, according to her press office.
"The discussion was emotional and heartfelt. Mrs. Obama answered the students' questions and urged them to stick with their education. There were tears, laughs, and lots of hugs," a spokesperson for Obama's team told Refinery29.
To the delight of millions of Americans who are suffering from serious separation anxiety, the Obama family recently returned from a well-deserved vacation. Last week, Barack and Malia had a father-daughter dinner and theater date in New York City while Michelle settled into her new life as a private citizen and hit up a SoulCycle class in D.C. The former First Lady’s visit to Ballou STAY marks her first semi-official outing since the family moved out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last month.
During her tenure as First Lady, Obama spearheaded the Reach Higher initiative that encouraged students to pursue higher education after earning their high school diplomas. As her visit to this high school proves, she’s eager to continue the push.
And a pep talk from Michelle Obama about education (or any other topic) basically sounds like the stuff of dreams.
Editor's note: This story has been updated with comment from Michelle Obama's team.

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