Barack Obama Is In NYC This Very Minute & We Are Losing It

DAD IS BACK. It's 66 degrees and sunny in New York City — and maybe that's nature's way of giving a warm welcome to former president Barack Obama, who is in the city right this minute, and causing quite a stir. A happy, tie-less Obama was spotted leaving a building on Fifth Avenue earlier today, and the crowd went absolutely wild. Like, we-love-you-please-come-back-and-save-us wild. What exactly was he doing there? WHO CARES. The important part is that we are here for it, and life in New York City just improved a thousand-fold. If only for one single, measly day.
Naturally, people both online and IRL were losing their shit. And, let's be honest, if you were strolling down the street and stumbled upon POTUS 44, so would you. Obama is showing his face in public for the first time after what felt like the world's longest (albeit, also the hardest-earned) vacation.
Although the reason for his visit remains unconfirmed, some are speculating that he is in town to see his daughter Malia. She's currently living in New York while interning at the Weinstein Company before heading off to Harvard in the fall. (She’s all grown-up, man. We can’t deal.) Last night, the two were spotted having dinner at Emilio's Ballato, an Italian restaurant on East Houston Street. Miraculously, news of the sightings didn't really start circulating until today, despite the fact that there were several posts about it on social media.
Hopefully POTUS 44 will stay awhile, or return to the city again soon. Hey, maybe he can even bring Michelle next time. Because come on, you guys. We seriously need this.

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