Disney Just Showed Its First Same-Sex Kiss

Photo: Courtesy of Disney XD/Via YouTube.
Disney took a major step in the right direction for LGBTQ representation on TV this week. A recent episode of Disney XD 's animated show Star vs. The Forces of Evil features not one, but two gay couples sharing a kiss.
The landmark scene in the episode titled "Just Friends," which was first pointed out by Mashable, is a montage of couples kissing at a concert set to a sweet song. First, we see two male characters lock lips. A few seconds later, we spot two women kissing. Both moments are very quick, which, in a way, only adds to the message Disney is sending: same-sex love is no big deal, people.
To see this on a kids show is extremely encouraging, if not long overdue. For a child watching the show, such a seemingly small scene could have a big impact. It both reflects LGBTQ children's identities back to them in a healthy way, and helps promote tolerance and acceptance of LGBTQ individuals.
People are not holding back their excitement. Fans have been sharing the screenshots on Twitter, praising the network for casually depicting LGBTQ love. One ecstatic tweet: "THERE WAS A ACTUAL GAY COUPLE KISS in one of the new episodes of star vs the forces of evil, IM LIKE SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!" Somebody else wrote, "This makes me all types of happy." Another pumped-up viewer tweeted, "Star vs.the Forces of Evil Just Friends gay kiss OMG DISNEY FINALLY GAY kiss canon."
Photo: Courtesy of Disney XD/Via YouTube.
If that's not clear evidence that representation matters, I don't know what is. Check out the video and some awesome Twitter reactions below.

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