Serena Williams Crashed A Tennis Game In San Francisco

Photo: Jon Buckle/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock.
If you're out practicing your volleys and serves, keep an eye out. Why? Tennis superstar Serena Williams was out for a walk with her pup after dinner one night and decided to crash a friendly game between two friends. No, it's not the stuff of sports fantasies, it actually happened. Mashable reports that the whole thing was captured on Snapchat.
Williams was out with her dog, Chip, in San Francisco's Mission District when she saw two guys playing tennis at Dolores Park. "I'm thinking about asking these guys if i can hit," she says as she watches them practicing. "Just to see their reaction."
She watches them for a few more moments and decides that she'll ask to challenge the winner. Note that she's got her tiny dog in her arms and is definitely not dressed for tennis. She doesn't even have a racket. All she has is a dog carrier.
The guys definitely don't know they're in for a surprise, even after Williams thinks they've spotted her. We're not sure who's behind the camera(phone), but all bets are on her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian.
After all, Reddit's offices are in S.F. "Don't do this at home!" Williams says as she laces up what looks like a pair of knit Uggs.
She's all smiles, though, and even that gets bigger as we see Chip run across the court. While we only see a few seconds of the actual match, one of Williams' opponents accuses her of trash talking and we see her in a victory pose at the end of the vid. Everyone's in good spirits, especially when Williams proclaims that she's "still undefeated."
It just goes to show: Always be ready for a head-to-head with one of the world's greatest athletes. You never know when one will want a break from walking their dog.
Check out the whole Snapchat video, which ForTheWin's Alysha Tsuji uploaded to Twitter.

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