Jinger Duggar & New Husband Jeremy Pack On The PDA & Sex Jokes During Their Honeymoon

Photo: James Song/TLC.
We already knew Jinger Duggar was growing up, but this is unexpected. In a sneak peak of a Monday's episode of Counting On, Duggar and her new husband Jeremy Vuolo take a cooking class during their honeymoon in Australia — and the oven's not the only thing that's heating up.
The 23-year-old married Vuolo back in November, and now Counting On is following their newlywed journey. It looks like the duo is settling into married life just fine, with the PDA and sexual innuendo to prove it.
"Being newlyweds, I think we're both looking forward to cooking together," Duggar tells the camera in the Us Weekly exclusive clip. "That's something that we'll be doing from here on out."
However, the culinary road ahead might be a bumpy one. Vuolo had a lot of difficulty flipping the prawns, admitting that he's "not very experienced at all with cooking seafood … especially on a grill. I don't think I've ever done it."
His distraction during cooking could have a lot to do with his new husband status. Someone's got sex on the brain. In fact it's so on the brain that Vuolo misheard the cooking instructor when they asked what he was excited about cooking and instead thought they were asking about marriage.
"It's like, 'I'll tell you what I'm excited about most in marriage,'" he jokes. In case you were wondering if that means what you think it means, it does.
"Watching Jinger cook, she's beautiful, and so it was getting a little hot in the kitchen," he later says to the camera. "I think [the chef] Bec was uncomfortable with a couple of newlyweds in her kitchen, but we were there for a nice romantic time. Must be the crustaceans and the garlic — natural aphrodisiac."
"It's not like we just got married or anything," Jinger adds. Looks like we're in for a whole new era of the Duggar family.

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