Sandra Oh Talks About The Possibility Of Returning To Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh will probably be asked about returning to Grey's Anatomy until the show goes off the air. Though she was already a prolific actor before her star turn as Cristina Yang, Grey's kicked her career to another level. Yang was her Jack Donaghy, or Frasier Crane. Basically, it allowed us to forget that she was the best only good part of Sideways. Well, her and Thomas Haden Church's upsetting nude scene.
Those questions extended to her press tour for her upcoming movie Catfight. Access Hollywood Live host Kit Hoover told Oh about the petition asking Shonda Rhimes to return Yang to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Oh didn't exactly slam the door shut.
"Really?" Oh said. "I gotta tell you right now, I'm so happy to promote Catfight. Having said that, every so often...As an actor, as an artist, it's a full life that one has. And as I look back to that time — which is extremely important and deeply meaningful to me — and it means a lot to me that a whole generation, a new generation of fans are discovering the show. So it means a lot to me."
The tradition of actors returning to shows isn't exactly a long one. Typically, if people return it's behind-camera talent. Think of Dan Harmon at Community. At most, actors come back for a brief cameo and nothing more. Grey's could easily support that from Oh. But she doesn't sound super anxious to return.
Watch her appearance below.
Grey's Anatomy is in the midst of its Season 13 run, airing Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. Oh will be back on ABC in American Crime on Sunday night, March 12. Catfight, the movie she's actually promoting, is coming to VOD and select theaters starting March 3.

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