There's A Keeping Up With The Kardashians With Cats

People have all sorts of opinions about the Kardashian family, but no matter what you think of them, we can all agree that the Kattarshian family is adorable. Emulating the Kardashian sisters, the four rescue cats live in a giant dollhouse full of hidden cameras in Iceland.
Keeping Up With the Kattarshians — not to be confused with the Cats/KUWTK hybrid play Katdashians! The Musical!has driven more traffic to the website for Nutiminn, its Icelandic broadcaster, than any other show. And if you watch it, you'll understand why.
Viewers can see Guðni, Ronja, Briet, and Stubbur cuddling on little doll beds, hopping up and down stairs, chasing one another, and engaging in other charmingly kitten-like activities. The footage runs for hours but never gets boring.
But unlike the Kardashians, none of these felines know they're reality TV stars. And they won't be for long, because the show's got a rotating cast of characters. The Icelandic Cat Protection Society's behind it, and the original four cats have been adopted, so now, more are coming in.
Producer Inga Lind Karlsdóttir told Broadly she spent a year making the series happen and ensuring the cats were treated properly. "All the people who were laughing then aren't laughing now," she said. "I thought it was a cute idea but I never thought it would go so big. It's more than I could hope for."
Her favorite character is Briet, who's "a feminist" because she's named after the Icelandic suffragist Bríet Bjarnhéðinsdóttir and is "a strong one too, and a fighter."
Karlsdóttir also has a very compelling theory for the show's popularity: "There's so much bad news we read about in the media, and terrible things are happening in the world, so it's nice to sit there and relax and watch the kittens."

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