Katy Perry Flipped Ed Sheeran The Bird During An Interview

Katy Perry is on the other side of the pond promoting her new single, "Chained to the Rhythm." Between taking in the sights, checking out a few London Fashion Week shows, and probably perfecting her mermaid-inspired cat-eye, Perry paid a visit to BBC Radio 1.
Perry wasn't the only guest in the studio that day. Ed Sheeran, who is also busy promoting a new tune, was on site to sing a few covers (Little Mix, if you're curious) and, we presume, shake a few hands. He just so happened to walk by the studio where Perry was being interviewed.
In a video released by BBC Radio, we see that Perry offered him a sweet gesture by way of flipping him the bird. Why? Well, it turns out that "Shape of You" is the only thing keeping "Chained to the Rhythm" from the top spot on U.K. radio. We're sure it was all in good fun, though, since Sheeran came in to join Perry's interview.
While they joked and reminisced (and traded a few fun barbs) with host Nick Grimshaw, a.k.a. Grimmy, the Perry recalled the first time that she and Sheeran met.
It was in Toronto and Sheeran was absolutely covered in sweat. "I walked up to her and he was like, 'I would hug you, but like, ew,'" he explained. Perry laughed about it, saying that now that he's the Ed Sheeran, she'd let him put a particular part of himself on her, sweat or not. They even compared Grammy noms and offered each other condolences. Perry's lost 13, after all.
Perry even gets to show off her faux British accent during the interview. Grimmy played a pretty convincing clip from Perry's Instagram. It even impressed Sheeran, who complimented her on it (even though it was actually her friend).
Check out the whole charming interview (and that middle finger), below.

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