Luke Bryan Thanks Fans For Support After Death Of His Infant Niece

Luke Bryan is thanking fans for supporting his family after the loss of his niece on Tuesday, Us Weekly reports.
The child, Sadie Brett, was the daughter of Bryan's wife's brother Bo Boyer and his wife, Ellen Boyer. Sadie was born last summer and suffered from "undisclosed cardiac issues," according to Us Weekly.
About three weeks ago, Sadie's mother shared a Facebook post about her daughter's health. Boyer wrote that her daughter had "fluid loss through her chest tubes" as well as kidney troubles. According to Taste of Country, Sadie Brett was treated at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN.
Sadly, Boyer also wrote on February 16 that the family had their "best week this year" in terms of Sadie's health. She said that her daughter was "fighting so hard" against her health issues.
But on Sunday, Boyer posted that her daughter had "an infection of some sort" and was being treated with antibiotics.
On Monday, Boyer wrote on Facebook that her daughter's health had "declined overnight" and that she was having issues with her liver. She then asked her followers to "flood the heavens with prayers."
The Boot confirmed that Sadie passed away on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon, Bryan tweeted, "We thank all of you for your prayers. Love y'all."
Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Bryan's family has seen tragedy in recent years, The Boot and Us Weekly noted. Bryan's sister Kelly died in 2007, and her husband died in 2014. At that point, Bryan and his wife took in his sister's child as their own. Bryan's brother Chris also died in 1996. Chris was the victim of a car crash and was just 26 years old when he died.

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