All You Need For A Goth Spa Night Is This Bath Bomb & A Stephen King Novel

If you refuse to speak to anyone at the office until you've finished two coffees, hate La La Land, and consider brown a bright shade, then you're probably not the biggest fan of fizzy neon bath bombs laced with glitter. But the little tub explosives are popping up everywhere, so we understand if you're feeling left out — and we just might have found something that'll appeal to you. Meet the skull-shaped bath bomb. Perfect for cynics, dark souls, and, fine, anyone who owns a leather jacket, the skull turns every soak into a Halloween party.
The sold-out bath bomb, named Poser, is by Harper Homemade. It oozes an electric blue fizz that doesn’t overwhelm your nostrils with happiness and joy, but does smell mildly like berries. (Everyone likes berries, come on.) Even better, each one is hand-painted and formulated with essential oils and cruelty-free ingredients — because you’re not a total demon. And if you’re really looking to build out your badass bath collection, know that a smoky gray bath bomb also exists and is ideal for indulging in the Sunday Scaries. Although the skull bath bomb is currently unavailable, Harper Homemade says to check back on March 1 for a restock. Isn't it comforting to know you're not the only one looking to bathe in bad omens?

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