This Baby Had The Best Reaction To Seeing His Mom Clearly For The First Time

Very little can bring a smile to our faces better than adorable babies in adorably tiny glasses...except maybe this baby, whose smile when he dons his glasses and sees his parents clearly for the first time is ridiculously infectious.
Baby Emil's mom posted a video of her son wearing his glasses for the first time on Instagram.
A caption written in Danish translates to:
"Today is a great day. Emil got his glasses. The journey has been long and our little baby has a lot to go through to sit here and smile with his small glasses."
Emil's mom also wrote that she's looking forward to "a lot of eye contact with mom & dad."
It seems she is super proud of Emil and his cute little glasses (and why shouldn't she be?). Her Instagram profile translates to, "Mother of Emil who has the finest spectacles of 7.0 in strength."
In case you're not up on your optic knowledge, glasses with a prescription of +6.0 or more means little Emil has what's considered "high hyperopia," meaning it's difficult for him to see things up close.
In the posts following the video, it seems Emil is getting used to his new spectacles, wearing them in bed, in his carseat, and on outings with mom and dad.

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