Why Tom Hiddleston Peed On His Friend

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
How far would you go for a friend? Count yourself lucky if Tom Hiddleston is one of your pals, because he'll go pretty far. In a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, Hiddelston described a situation that involved him peeing on a co-star. According to Entertainment Tonight, Hiddleston and his Night Manager co-star, Tom Hollander, were on a beach. Then, after what we can only assume was a rollicking good time, Hollander fell victim to everyone's worst nightmare. "Tom got stung by a jellyfish and he shouted across the beach, 'I say old sport could you come and pee on me?'" Hiddleston explained to Norton. "And I engagingly obliged." Forget that Hollander called him "old sport." Hiddleston had to whip it out and pee on command. Add him to an illustrious list of celebs who peed on a friend to soothe a sting. Jake Gyllenhaal did it. So did Mel B. But we've got some news for you: It doesn't actually work. Bear Grylls confirmed it. If you're taking survival advice, there's probably nobody better than him. It seems that Hiddleston learned that, too. "I’ve since read up on it and I don’t think it works," Hiddleston continued. "It’s an old wives’ tale." It brings new meaning to helping out a friend, but it's good to know that old sport Tom Hiddleston is always ready to lend a hand.

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