This Politician Had The Best Response To Being Interrupted During A Pro-Choice Speech

What with the current disaster zone that is U.S. politics, it's easy to imagine the rest of the English-speaking world as a panda-cuddling paradise by comparison. But of course that's not the case. Politicians — especially women politicians — are fighting the same old battles all around the world, as Australian Labor MP Trish Doyle reminded us today. BuzzFeed reports that Doyle was less than three minutes into the middle of an important speech on reproductive rights when she was interrupted — by a man, of course. Doyle's male colleague accused her of "attacking" the pro-life women's minister with her pro-choice speech. Thankfully (for women's rights as well as for the Political Gif Hall Of Fame), Doyle pressed on. She delivered what may have been the most epic eye-roll ever to grace the halls of Parliament — and then she continued her passionate address. “I am pro-choice," Doyle said. "I am a feminist, and I am here in this parliament to advance the cause of women... Right now somewhere near a clinic where women are seeking medical advice or a termination — never an easy decision — a loud and invasive group of people will be waving placards and hurling abuse at those women, all the while describing themselves ‘pro-life’... The workers who provide those support services and medical advice are constantly attacked, harassed, stalked, and interfered with by anti-choice activists. This is unacceptable and it should be made unlawful.” We couldn't agree more. And we'll be keeping this video of Doyle's killer eye roll on hand to send to anyone who says otherwise.

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