Mom of Teen Mom Releases The Most Mom Rap Video Imaginable

We're having an internal debate at the office. Do you call the mom of a Teen Mom a teen mom mom? Teen grandma? Neither seem exactly right. Anyways, Farrah Abraham's mom Debra released a rap video and it's bonkers.

The video is probably some type of marketing thing for her new show, which is called Being Debra, and is either out or about to be out, and you really ought to see it. We are not going to say anything mean about it, but her choice of hat is truly strange. We were unaware of the rap-Steampunk crossover potential, and we will now have to reevaluate that potential. She looks like she's having fun.

It's tough to say whether this is better or worse than the Corey Feldman video. That was cringe-worthy, but it was an expression of some artistic feeling. This video seems a little cynical, and the desire to be a rap star was probably not lurking in Debra's soul.

Anyways, make up your own mind. Here it is.

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