We Really, Really Want To Win This Pizza Engagement Ring

Photo: Courtesy of Domino's.
Domino's has been capturing our pizza-loving hearts lately. First, it launched a pizza wedding registry, making us wonder why no one's come up with anything that genius before. And now, it's giving away a pizza-shaped engagement ring for Valentine's Day, Cosmopolitan reports. (Do we smell a hot new wedding trend?) You don't need to have wedding bells in your future to appreciate this ring, though. If you're a pizza fan (so, if you're pretty much anybody), the 22-carat-gold, diamond beauty is just the right special-sauce combination of weird and stylish. But if you are planning to pop the question with it, you can rest assured that no one else, ever, will have the same one. Want to proclaim your lifelong commitment to pizza? Hurry up and enter here.

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