There’s A Pizza Wedding Registry & All Of Our Dreams Have Come True

Photo: Courtesy of Domino's.
If you and your homeslice aren't feeling the typical wedding gifts, we're happy to report that you can now register for pizza with Domino's. It works like any other registry: Engaged couples can log in and pick out what they want. Then, Domino's sends them a gift card for each item their guests buy. (Hot tip: Save your gift cards so you can avoid cooking for as long as humanly possible.) Domino's even gave the options super-cheesy names, like "Dancing with My Slice," "Married But Chill," and "Thank You Card-a-thon." (You get us, you really get us.) The gift cards range from $15 to $100, and guests can send them online or print them out the old-fashioned way. Truth time: It was pretty hard to focus on this while thinking about pizza, and it's a snow day, so we decided to order some even though it's before noon. our pizza's here, see ya.

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