How To Escape A Date, According To Twitter

Ideally, you would go on a date, hit it off with the person, and that would be that. But for every date that seems to spark instant chemistry, more often than not, there are those dates. You know the ones. In the words of a friend of mine, "have you ever been on a date so awkward and bad that you would be willing to set yourself on fire just to get out of it?" Thankfully for my friend — and for all of us — Twitter has come up with some useful ways to get out of a date. On Monday, the hashtag #HowToEscapeADate started trending on Twitter as users chimed in with their own suggestions. Some had helpful go-to guidelines:
Others got philosophical:
Some put stock in the power of a good, well-timed excuse:
Some got brutally honest:
And if all else fails, pull a semi-Gone Girl and fake your own death.
If, however, none of these suggestions are viable, might we suggest some dating ice breakers?

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