Ring The Alarm: The Bachelor‘s Vanessa Has An IMDB Page

The worst kind of deception is that which hides in plain sight. It's the kind of deceit that almost feels too wrong to be labeled as such because well, it's been in front of your face the entire time. Case in point: Vanessa Grimaldi on The Bachelor.

Grimaldi wowed her way into Nick Viall's hopeful heart on episode 1 of this season due to her impressive French skills. "She’s a keeper," Viall enthused. She's been a fan favorite since. Though, what we didn't know is the 29-year-old special education teacher from Montréal has an IMDB page. On Sunday, writer Trent from Barstool Sports discovered something: Grimaldi appears in an episode of Blue Mountain State.
And so the ever conspicuous career of our perfect contestant came pouring in via Twitter.
What do you think? Is this a bad thing? Is Grimaldi fooling us all? Or do actors simply need love too?

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