Did James Corden Go Too Far With His Nick Jonas Joke?

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
It's not really an awards show until the host makes a borderline-inappropriate joke. Okay, well that might not be true. But it sure seems to happen an awful lot. James Corden dutifully went too far with one gag at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. It involves his lovely mom and dad, Heidi Klum, and Nick Jonas. (You can see where this is going.) "This very night happens to be my parents' 45th wedding anniversary and they're here tonight," Corden said. The camera panned to his father, who was sitting there with a leggy supermodel in his lap. "Dad, what the — what are you doing with Heidi Klum?!" Corden's dad Malcolm answered, "Well, your mom and I have an understanding, and Heidi's my free pass tonight." Klum chimed in,
"He's the cutest," and kissed his bald head. Okay then! Then, the attention turned toward Corden's Mom, Margaret, who was getting cozy with Nick Jonas in her seat. "He's my pass tonight!" she joked. "Sorry, James. Your mom's a lovely woman," Jonas said, putting his studded leather jacket around Mrs. Corden. "No, no you take that off my mother, you get away," the faux-bewildered host yelled. "Nick, no!" More like James, no! I totally get involving your adorable parents in a gag, and throwing a couple of good-looking stars in there. I'm even down with the pretending to like each other bit, but the phrase "free pass" was a little much. I mean, they're your parents for crying out loud! Let's just hope Jonas' youngest fans were all in bed already!

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