These Lego Pussyhats Prove Everything Is Awesome

A certain Lego superhero movie made its debut this weekend, but a few weeks ago, millions of people around the world proved that not all heroes wear capes when they attended the Women's March. The team at DesignMakeTeach are letting those two worlds come together with a pink pussyhat designed just for Lego minifigures (the official name for the little brick people you stepped on as a kid). Yes, if you want to stage your own mini brick march, you can outfit all of your figures with pink pussyhats. According to Dangerous Minds, all you need is a 3-D printer. So while it might not be as easy as typing in your credit card number, it is easy if you've got access to a 3-D printer. The files for the pink pussyhat are free to download, but it might cost you a few bucks to get your own made.
The developers are happy to share, especially since they believe in the message of the Women's March. "This Lego minifig compatible Pussyhat celebrates the millions that joined the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and around the world on January 21, 2017," the template's description reads. "The Pussyhat Project is a movement, not just a moment. Print a Pussyhat and create a Women’s March minifig to display as a reminder of the fight for women’s rights and equality." In addition to the pink hats, the site also offers protest signs so your Lego diorama can really come to life. If you're shooting for complete accuracy, you can snag the Lego version of the Capitol Building and also grab this version of the SCOTUS.

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