The Internet Is Not Thrilled About This $750 Facial — & Not For The Reason You Might Think

It is one of life's inescapable truths that just because something is expensive doesn’t always mean it's good. This is especially true of beauty products and treatments. Unless you’ve got an eagle eye for the ingredients list and a healthy amount of skepticism, it’s far too easy to buy into something that puts a serious dent on your bank account when you could get the same results for a fraction of the price. Take, for example, a wildly expensive facial that may or may not do anything at all. In a video from BuzzFeed, three women underwent skin treatments at varying price points, from $17 to $750. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday, in theory — but the peanut gallery that is the internet does not agree. Commenters on Reddit and the original YouTube posting are criticizing the costliest option, a gold mask, calling it a “complete ripoff” and “useless.” “Gold is actually a known skin irritant and adds absolutely NOTHING beneficial to skincare,” reads one response. While we haven’t personally undergone any of these facials and so can’t speak to their efficacy (or lack thereof), it’s a good reminder that you should always take more into account than just the price tag. Staying vigilant means saving money — unless, of course, you’re feeling like a reckless splurge may be in order. Sometimes you’re just in it for the experience.

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