The Real Archie Weighs In On Who Riverdale‘s Archie Should Choose

Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW.
Even if you're not familiar with the Archie comics, you probably know about the love triangle between the titular character and the strip's two female leads, Betty and Veronica. Now that the comic has been adapted for TV with Riverdale — though let's just say this isn't your normal comic-to-TV move, the show's much darker than the lighthearted source material — you can expect that sordid love triangle to play out in a whole new way. You may have your favorite, but actor K.J. Apa, who plays the redheaded Archie, has his own ideas. "Before I became involved with it, I wasn’t familiar with Archie at all, but I think, because of how famous the Betty and Archie thing is, I would love to see Betty and Archie get together," he told Vulture. "I think it’s so iconic and everyone kind of wants that. If there was any relationship that I would ship for, it would be Archie and Betty, which is kind of a classic, iconic relationship." In the comics, which have had this triangle playing for over 70 years, Archie's girlfriend is Veronica and he sees Betty as more of a BFF and confidante. Betty doesn't see it that way. She's been pining after Archie for decades and only in offshoot special editions of the series does the Archie-Betty relationship ever evolve beyond just friends. Knowing that Riverdale is just using the comics as inspiration, however, means that Apa and viewers alike may get to see some Betty-Archie canoodling. After all, this is a CW show, which means that, eventually, every possible hookup combination possible is going to play out in one way or another.

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