9 Unique Starbucks Locations We Definitely Need To Visit

Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP Photo.
We certainly knew that Starbucks locations around the world offer different and very special menu items. But, we had no idea how much the store designs changed from location to location. You may have noticed subtle differences in layout or decor between the various Starbucks shops in your hometown. However, there are a few Starbuck stores that drastically depart from the usual designs.
Today, Starbucks released a list of the most noteworthy, exciting, and unexpected store designs from all over the world. These shops reflect their perspective neighborhoods and even take design cues from the buildings they're located in. Whether it's in the middle of a big city or on a laid-back beach somewhere, the chain tries to infuse the spirit of the area into the shops themselves.
Take a look ahead at some of the coolest Starbucks locations in the world. We're already making plans to get a coffee at each of them.

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