What Does This Photo Of Eleven Tell Us About Stranger Things Season 2?

The first preview of season 2 of Stranger Things was full of familiar faces that reminded us how much we miss the show, but the most recent cover of Entertainment Weekly surprised us with something completely new. The photo features the gang of kids in their requisite '80s casual-wear, but one person stands out more than usual: Eleven. It seems this year the mind-bending child prodigy has ditched everyone's favorite Halloween costume — that unforgettable pink dress and blonde wig — in favor of her more tomboy nature. It's unclear if the outfit she's wearing on the cover of the magazine is another costume provided to her by the boys, or if that's what her natural hair and style actually looks like and we're finally seeing Eleven as her true self. Whatever the answer, it doesn't solve the biggest mystery left open by the finale. Where is she? What happened to her? And if she's coming back, as this cover indicates, how?
While the cast's Entertainment Weekly appearance doesn't provide answers to any of those questions, the gang does give us some of the ground rules for being a part of their #squad. Eggos are a must, so is knowing the lyrics to "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" by The Clash, and never, ever leave anyone sitting alone by a pool (RIP Barb).

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