This Girl Had The Most Terrifying Discount Bath Bomb Experience

Negative skin reactions to bath and body products aren’t wildly uncommon. In fact, chances are that either you, or someone you know, has had an undesired reaction to a beauty product at one point or another. Why? Some products can come packed with potential irritants, like essential oils, added color, and more, which is exactly why it's so important to be diligent about what you're using on your body — and where you're getting it.
Whether you love or hate bath products, the one thing they should never do — like, ever — is cause a skin reaction so severe, it lands you in the hospital. But that’s what one Wales-based mother says happened to her 10-year-old daughter, who developed a nasty rash five days after using a bath bomb from UK-based budget retail chain Wilko’s. According to Cosmo, Leanne Keating told news agency Caters that she rushed her daughter, Tia, to the emergency room after the red, itchy rash persisted for a few days. After determining that it was caused by a severe skin reaction, Tia was given the all-clear, but the nasty case of hives still has yet to fade. “I didn’t know it was the bath bomb at first,” Keating said. “But a friend of mine who is medically trained asked me if Tia had got anything for Christmas that she's used that was different. The only thing she'd used that was different was the bath bomb.” Keating added that there was no warning or sensitive skin advisory on the label. A spokesperson for Wilko’s has since responded, saying, “We're really sorry to hear of Mrs. Keating and Tia's situation and customer safety is paramount at Wilko. This is the first incident we've been made aware of but we have launched an immediate and rigorous investigation and continue to liaise with Mrs. Keating." One can only hope that the situation will be resolved quickly, so that cool moms everywhere can continue to indulge their children’s blossoming bath bomb addictions with peace of mind.

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