Watch Game Of Thrones‘ Finn Jones Kick Ass On Netflix

Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix.
Billionaire playboys: They're a dime a dozen in the world of superhero movies, right? You've got Bruce Wayne, Arrow's Oliver Queen, and now, Netflix is giving viewers a closer look at Marvel's Danny Rand, a.k.a. Iron Fist, in the show's longest, most detailed trailer yet. In the new extended trailer, we see Game of Thrones' Finn Jones (the late Loras Tyrell), arrive at the Rand Corporation — totally different from Wayne Enterprises — barefoot. That's not the wisest thing to do in New York, but we'll go with it, since there are a slew of other questions in the air. Why is he dressed like a hippie? Why doesn't he have full access to his family's company? We learn that Rand is looking to reclaim his place at the head of Rand Corporation, but we also learn that the family business is staffed with ninjas (naturally) and that Rand is (mysteriously) well-versed in the martial arts. Yeah, he kicks ass in the clip — lots of it.

Iron Fist
is set in the same New York-centric universe as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil, but the story does take a detour to the mythical land of K'un-Lun, where Rand apparently inherited the mantle of the Iron Fist, which grants him super strength and glowing extremities. From the looks of the trailer, it seems like Iron Fist will stay relatively grounded in the world of corporate takeovers and family dynamics, since there's no super-powered villain to be seen (just yet). Though with the twists and turns we've come to expect from Marvel's Netflix fare, we wouldn't be surprised to see Rand's big bro, Ward, become a baddie with powers of his own. The trailer also shows the return of Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple, whom we last saw sign up for a self-defense class at the conclusion of Daredevil season 2. After Rand declares, "I am the Iron Fist," Temple responds appropriately: "What the hell does that mean?" We'll all find out when the show hits Netflix on March 17. Check out the full trailer, below.

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