There's Probably Going To Be Another Death On How To Get Away With Murder

Photo: ABC/Nicole Wilder.
For a show that has "murder" in the title, we still find ourselves constantly shocked at all the deaths that have occurred thus far in ABC's How To Get Away With Murder.

While the third season is already in full swing, star Liza Weil doesn't rule out another death before the finale — so if you're not caught up, definitely beware of spoilers ahead.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to the actress and asked if audiences should expect a surprise death in these final episodes. Her answer? “Probably, unfortunately. I don't really see a way around it."

Weil explained that the show doesn't kill people for the fun of it because character deaths are a part of what makes it such a "good story."

"Now that Wes is makes us all even more nervous and aware of enjoying every moment on the show as we can," Weil continued.

The show loves to keep us on our toes, but if even the main characters are nervous, then we know to really expect the unexpected. Is there anyone we can count on to make it through the season?

"I don’t think anybody is safe," she said. "With the exception of Annalise." But as far as the rest of the team is concerned, all bets are off.

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