8 Recipes That Prove Guacamole Makes Everything Better

It's hard to improve on classic guacamole — and really, we don't need to. (Just ask The York Times, which once fatefully suggested that people add peas.) You really only need a few things: avocado (duh), onion, cilantro, maybe a squeeze of lime. And yet, despite its simplicity, we can't get enough. There's a reason we all freaked out when news broke of an impeding guac-pocalypse.

And while we don't need an excuse to make guac, Super Bowl Sunday basically requires it. But rather than bringing you recipes that mess with perfection, we've instead search high and low for the best recipes that use guac. Because even though we can't improve guac, it can certainly improve a whole range of things, from dips to shrimp to sandwiches.

Ahead, eight ways (even if there's no wrong way) to eat guacamole.

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