A Sniper Is Gunning Down The Queen's Swans & We're Appalled

Photo: Reima Flyktman/REX/Shutterstock.
A swan assailant is on the loose in England. A total of twelve of Queen Elizabeth's royal swans have been shot in the head in two separate incidents, which took place on the River Thames near Windsor Castle last week.

The Sun reports that a police investigation into the disturbing crime is underway. Local law enforcement and outraged residents are searching for the sniper(s) behind the horrible attacks, which resulted in two swans having to be put down due to their grave injuries — including a youngster. The birds who survived underwent life-saving veterinary surgery; at least three have lost an eye.

The swans are clearly marked as belonging to the Crown by identifying bands on their legs, according to British charity Swan Support. "I cannot understand what pleasure anyone could possibly get from shooting innocent swans," Swan Support spokeswoman Wendy Hermon told The Sun. "They are peaceful and beautiful birds and they trust people who feed them." She added, "I am sure her Majesty will be horrified to hear that someone is taking pleasure out of shooting them."

As are we. What kind of sicko commits a crime like this? What kind of world are we living in that there is a swan killer on the run in the English countryside?! Here's hoping that the perpetrator is caught and brought to justice.

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