Dairy Queen Just Launched A New Blizzard & We’re Obsessed

Dairy Queen is the queen of serving you milkshakes flipped upside down. The thinking being that the thing is so thick (or thicc if you're a member of the Crips) that it will stay in the cup. The Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie Blizzard is DQ's Blizzard of the month for February, and it looks good enough to eat. We suppose that that's the idea. The treat consists of chocolate chunks, brownies, fudge, all blended with vanilla soft serve. Then they stick fudge topping into the middle. Sounds pretty good. They'll serve it to you upside-down or your next one is free, according to their Instagram. Oh, and if a single Blizzard is too little, you can get it in a cake. That's meant for two and costs $9.99. Good deal.

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