The Chainsmokers Are Owning That Nickelback Comparison

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock
Some people pride themselves in having awesome taste in music. Me? Not so much. I like what makes my ears feel good, be it the catchy pop track in every commercial, or, you know, The Chainsmokers' latest single. I may not love everything that Drew Taggart says in interviews, but there are worse things than having "Closer" requested twice at a bar. Alas, not everyone is as chill with The Chainsmokers — Esquire recently likened them to Nickelback, perhaps the most mocked band in the history of music. What's the Grammy-nominated group to do? Why, own it, of course. Rather than let the diss article roll off their backs, The Chainsmokers decided to fire back with a musical tribute to their predecessor. The group even borrowed from Nickelback to tweet at Esquire and the article's author Matt Miller, writing: "It's not like you to say sorry so.." They then followed up with ode to Nickelback's "How You Remind Me."
Maybe they really are Nickelback reincarnated. You gotta admit... the impression is on point.

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