Joe Morton Says Not To Call Cyrus Scandal‘s Next President Just Yet

Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless.
We don't know if Cyrus (Jeff Perry) actually orchestrated President-elect Frankie Vargas' (Ricardo Chavira) assassination in last week's Scandal premiere. Either way, it seemed likely that Cyrus would become the next president after Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) essentially endorsed him. But in a new interview with Us Weekly, Joe Morton, who plays Rowan, hinted that Cyrus might not ascend to the presidency after all. "If it's true that Cyrus was indeed involved with the assassination, that means Mellie may have a shot at the White House," Morton told Us Weekly. "It could be Mellie, it could be Cyrus, who knows?" Of course, a Mellie (Bellamy Young) presidency would mean Olivia (Kerry Washington) could successfully prove to Fitz, and the FBI, that Cyrus really was behind the shooting. And if you think Rowan lied to Olivia, and he's actually behind the murder, Morton's interview suggests he might not be. "I know lots of people have lots of things they would like to see Rowan do to President Trump, but that's not how he handles things," Morton told the magazine. "Rowan would find a way to scandalize the presidency in such a way that maybe Trump would be out of office and someone else would take his place who is easier to deal with." Yes, he was talking about his character in relation to our actual president, but Rowan would presumably treat Scandal's president-elect the same way, right? Papa Pope has no problem killing people, but we wouldn't put it past him to create a "scandal" for Vargas before straight-up murdering him. Check out the full interview over at Us Weekly.

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