Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 12 Recap: "Chapter Fifty-Seven"

On tonight’s episode of Jane the...Driver of a Blue Chevy (that car really knows what conversations to eavesdrop on), everyone’s minds deceive them. They think they’re ready, but they’re not. Or they’re ready, but they don’t think they are. Or, like in Rafael’s case, they think they’re ready, but they’re not. Or Plastered Petra made him thinks he’s not...
Jane’s so ready to get her book edited and printed, but she’s not ready to change the story. And she’s not prepared for a frat bro to tell her what to do with her beloved characters. I love how this episode used the historical fiction narrations. The costumes were so fun and seeing Rafael and Xo kiss was really, really gross. So glad Jane took it out of there. Jane also thinks she’s ready to take on the school moms. But she’s not. She’s a little overconfident in her assumptions, and alienates everyone. But I’m glad this storyline wrapped in this episode. It’s important to see mom storylines in TV, but this kind has been done, and the writers played this out well by making Mateo’s behavior the catalyst for it: not just a mean mom at Mateo’s school being mean to Jane.
Petra thinks she’s not ready to be seen with Chuck in public. Then she opens up, and thinks she ready to take the next step in her relationship with Chuck. But bones are everywhere. And the word bone, and actual bones show up in her life a lot more than she expected. I’m so glad Petra took the plunge and opened up to Chuck in this episode. She deserves to to be happy, even though she moved Scott’s vest-y bones a few inches in the pouring rain!
This was a beautiful night for #TeamRafael fans like me, who thought the rekindling of Rafael and Jane wouldn’t work after Michael’s death. Not so. The little #tbt memories of season’s past reminded me that they’ll always have chemistry. A reunion would be quite sad, but it seems to be what Rafael wants at this point. But will Jane want Rafael? probably not for a while. But maybe Alba will convince Jane that the dishwashing he skills her learned in prison (remember how Rafael was in prison?) make him a good match for her? #AlbasGenderBias.
What might hold Jane back from Rafael is the fact that he maybe murdered Scott, and that he possibly tried to set Petra up for it. I do not understand what’s going on with his prison buddy, and I don’t know if I want to. Ok, I want to. But his five o’clock shadow is too beautiful for me to have a reason to not like him anymore!
My only other thought is that Luisa had something to do with Scott’s death via New Rose Face, and he’s trying to protect her. But that doesn’t seem likely. But I don’t trust this show anymore — I mean, Abbey just implied that Rafael (who shaved his beard for her! #RIPRafBeard) is a murderer. And Michael is dead. And Rogelio and Xo hate each other. And Rogelio is still in love with Xo. But Bruce and Xo are getting married. And Bruce is adorable! I always have to be on the edge of my seat for this show now. Jane the Virgin always throws curveballs, but this new timeline is reaching some new heights.
Maybe the next curveball will be that Jane took Rafael’s advice to be brave and date a murderer! Or maybe she’ll be conflicted between Dennis and Rafael. And that will be awkward, because Dennis will be secretly investigating Rafael. And then Jane will finally realize that she doesn’t need to research the history of Florida for her books. She can just record everything around her and she’ll never need to add any bang bang...boom, because it’s been there all along.

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