Annalise Is Still In Jail In This How To Get Away With Murder Sneak Peek

Last week, we watched Bonnie (Liza Weil) fail to get Annalise (Viola Davis) released on bail in How to Get Away with Murder's midseason premiere. ADA Atwood's (Milauna Jackson) team is still trying to prove that Annalise started the fire at her home — and they convince a judge that there's enough evidence to deny Bonnie's bail request. Annalise, unsurprisingly, is struggling to get used to life behind bars. She's too self-conscious to pee in front of her cell mates. And every time she closes her eyes, she sees flashbacks to when Wes (Alfred Enoch) was still alive. In this exclusive clip from Thursday's episode, we see Bonnie's still hard at work to free Annalise. Frank (Charlie Weber) has, probably falsely, confessed to murdering Wes. Bonnie tells Annalise that because of Frank's confession, Atwood's team will have to drop their charges against her. "I'm getting you out of here, Annalise, by the end of the day, tomorrow at the latest. Trust me," Bonnie tells her. But after the court hearing, Annalise doesn't have much faith in Bonnie. "I trusted you to get me out on bail — look how that went," Annalise responds, through tears. We hardly ever get to see Annalise's vulnerability, so it looks like this week's episode will be an especially moving one. Davis' incredible acting makes us cry along with her character, even if she's a pretty bad person. It's heartbreaking to see Annalise (probably?) wrongfully imprisoned, so we're hoping Bonnie's efforts will be successful.

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