A Two-On-One, A Ouija Board, & Nicholas Cage: How The Internet Reacted To The Bachelor Last Night

Photo: via @ /Twitter.
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Reactions to The Bachelor are nearly as entertaining as — if not more than — the show itself. My Monday night Twitter feed reads like a play-by-play narrative of the episode. I hardly even have to watch my screen. With all these reaction GIFs and snarky quips, who needs to actually enjoy the show? (I do. I need it very much.)
Last night's episode took the remaining contestants to the Big Easy, where they played around with a Ouija board, encountered a spirit named Mae, and endured the show's traditional two-on-one date. Nick took attorney Rachel on a one-on-one date, and most seemed to agree that she should be the next Bachelorette. (Even Ben Higgins, a former Bachelor, cast his vote.) The uncomfy double date featured "I have a master's degree" Taylor and "you do you" Corinne, and the internet couldn't decide which one deserved to get the rose. In the end — spoiler alert — Corinne got the rose, and Taylor, the mental health counselor, headed home. Or so it would seem.
A lot of the Twitter ire leaned in the direction of Mr. Nick Viall himself. Our Bachelor, it seems, is being a bit of an idiot. (To be fair, idiocy is practically a prerequisite for this show.) Ahead, find the shining stars that, like the North Star, led me through last night's morass of an episode.

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