This Hair Mask Might Actually Convince You To Hit The Gym

Wearing a hair mask while working, running errands, at the gym, or sleeping, could be the most ingenious hair hack we've ever heard. That is, until a greasy mess is running down your face, dripping onto your yoga mat, or caked onto your pillowcase. (Anyone who's given it a go knows that it takes some clever maneuvering to get right.) Luckily, all is not lost for the less strategic among us, because we've found a hair treatment that comes with zero risk of mess. Enter: Yuni’s new Hot Head Microveil Hair Treatment.

We all know athleisure beauty has become a thing, but nothing has quite answered our hair prayers — until now. This clever treatment is heat-activated, so a spin class, yoga session — or even a few minutes in a sauna — will get it goin'. Working up a sweat also helps it penetrate your scalp, too. (That's a good thing with this formula!) How? As you can see, the treatment is a spray, so you avoid the eventual mask meltdown.

What's more, every hair type and texture will benefit — and after you rinse the treatment, your ends will feel soft to the touch. The ingredient line-up includes argan, kukoi, and rice brand oil, which come together to smooth ends, protect against the elements, hydrate, and minimize damage. Essentially, you've got yourself a treatment and styling product rolled into one. Plus, it has essential oils, which create an intoxicating scent that reduces stress. Your gym visit just got that much more beneficial.

Hot Head Microveil Hair Treatment, $25, available at Sephora.

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