Olay Is Making Body Wash Great Again

Body wash is the underdog of the drugstore aisle. No matter how diligently it cleans and softens your skin, at the end of the day, it's really just soap, right? Well, not anymore. Olay's newest offering actually has us excited to scrub our pits — and that's a feat.
The Duo Body Wash from Olay hit shelves this month and is a triple cleansing threat — hydrating, exfoliating, and deep-cleansing. Here's what to know: Housed inside the purple, palm-sized pad is a solid version of the brand's best-selling cleanser and Orchid & Black Currant scent (the pad is also available in Ivory's Refreshing Clean and Old Spice's Swagger and Pure Sport iterations). Then, there's the dual-ended textures. On one side, you get a grainy surface meant to deliver the same exfoliation you'd get from a really good loofah. (Only this one takes up less space and doesn't stretch out.) The other end features a smooth surface that softens the skin almost instantly. Even better, each pod will last you a full month — or up to 30 uses, whichever comes first. Loofahs, as we know, are prone to bacteria buildup, but that's because hardly anyone swaps them out before their expiration date. This product forces you to do just that, and you don't even have to set a reminder on your phone. Truth is, we haven't been this excited about a soap since Lush dropped its limited-edition Valentine's Day collection — only difference is this one is here to stay. Olay Duo Solid Body Wash in Soothing Orchid & Black Currant, $11.24, available at Olay.

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