DeGeneres Tweets Against Ban After Trump Watches Finding Dory

While millions of Americans were out protesting a travel ban that seems targeted at Muslims, provided they don't live in countries where President Trump does business, Donald Trump was watching Finding Dory. Ellen DeGeneres, the film's star, has not been a friend to Donald Trump. She then took to Twitter to let the world know that she doesn't support our new president's executive order.
The rest of Twitter was similarly taken aback by Donald Trump's choice of film. Particularly, the commentariat noted that Trump's film choice was about the negative consequences of separating children from family. Here's the dictionary definition of irony.
Many were surprised that Trump chose to start tweeting about World War III immediately after exiting the film. It's unclear why he made that specific choice. That represents a major cognitive leap at the very least.
Afterwards, Trump released a statement on the ban. Read that statement below.

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