Thanks To Hockey, We Now Have This Hilarious Photo Of Justin Bieber

Photo: Mark J. Terrill/AP Images.
Justin Bieber showed up to play a little hockey during NHL All-Star weekend, but instead of tasting sweet victory he was eating glass.

As Vice pointed out, it's all thanks to Chris Pronger, a defenseman for the Arizona Coyotes and a fellow Canadian. Pronger, who is two times Bieber's size, squished Bieber against the boards for a few seconds. Long enough for someone to get a photo of the whole thing.

What makes this photo even funnier may be the look on Pronger's face. He is enjoying checking the Biebz into the boards. Like, maybe too much. Just check out that smile.

Of course, this was all in good fun. Pronger let Bieber go and gave him a nice pat on the helmet. Unfortunately, though, it's probably going to be a while before Bieber will be able to live this photo down.

Bieber's face is okay, but his ego must definitely be bruised.

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