What Should The Daily Show Do With Donald Trump's Inauguration Cake?

Photo: David J. Phillip/AP Images.
The story of how Donald Trump's cake at last week's inauguration was an exact copy of President Obama's was crazy enough on its own. On Friday things got weirder when someone donated the nine-tier confection to The Daily Show.

"We get people calling The Daily Show all the time with the most random requests and ideas and offers," host Trevor Noah said, explaining its arrival. "Then someone called after the inauguration, and they were like, 'Hey, I can give you guys Donald Trump's cake. ... Then we came to work yesterday, and Donald Trump's cake was here. I didn't believe it was real."

To be fair we still don't entirely believe it and, in at least one sense, it's completely fake. It's all made of Styrofoam, with the exception of the slice Trump and Mike Pence sliced on stage during the celebration.
"Isn't this the perfect metaphor for Donald Trump's presidency?" Noah asked. "Just like Trump's administration, this cake is terrible for the environment."

Noah would like to do something with this miraculous gift. He put the question to viewers, asking them to tweet their suggestions for the fate of the cake. "Don’t be like violent or anything,” he said. "We’re not going to smash it. And we don’t want to pee on it, or hire Russians to pee on it.”

The ideas so far are pretty solid.

If the plan is to troll Trump with these, the bakery that made this cake has already beat everyone to it. Last week, when the controversy first arose, Buttercream Bakeshop posted to Instagram that it had donated all profits from the cake to the Human Rights Campaign.

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