Drew Barrymore Ate A LOT Of Fake Flesh While Filming Santa Clarita Diet

Photo: Saeed Adyani / Netflix.
We already knew from the first trailer that Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet would make us more than a little uncomfortable. You see, the secret to this "diet" is eating human flesh. Drew Barrymore, who stars in the show, explained to The New York Times that consuming pieces of humans, even fake ones, was a harrowing experience. While describing how realistic the show's props were, Barrymore highlighted one particularly gruesome incident involving the faux human meat she had to eat on set. "There was a lot of blood and guts and I, uh, ooh, yeah, God, sorry — I just got the shivers because I thought of this one foot I had to bite into, and I hit a bone or a nail or something on my tooth, and that just made me have that fingernails on the blackboard moment," Barrymore told the Times. "Yeah, I constantly had weird stuff in my mouth." If it makes you feel better, Barrymore's character isn't a run-of-the-mill cannibal — she's a zombie. (Although, does that really make watching someone snack on what's supposed to be human flesh any more palatable?) The series will be available for streaming next Friday — and while we'll definitely tune in, we don't recommend eating dinner while watching it.

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