Drew Barrymore Is An Adorable Cannibal In The Santa Clarita Diet

Want the secret to staying fit, looking younger, and having more energy? It might be time to try this high-protein diet... if you're cool with eating human beings. At first glance, Drew Barrymore's new promo for her upcoming Netflix comedy The Santa Clarita Diet looks like one of those tacky diet ads you'd find tucked between episodes of Scandal. As a positively glowy Barrymore waxes on about how she feels "younger, more energetic, and sexier" than she has in years, you might be tempted to snack on whatever she's been enjoying. Alas, the bowl of flesh and eyeballs on the table reveals a horrifying truth: what she's been snacking on are her own peers. "I satisfy all my cravings and eat whoever I want, and I only eat the foods that deserve it," says Barrymore as she picks up a piece of blood-covered flesh. "This one was a real bitch."
According to Deadline, Barrymore plays Sheila, a Santa Clarita resident who " goes through a dramatic change" that sends her family "down a road of death and destruction…but in a good way." As reported by USA Today, the change is death, and Sheila's husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) must appease his zombified wife's latest cravings for flesh. Apparently, humans makes a delicious poke bowl, as evidenced by the new teaser. While I certainly won't be sampling the actual Santa Clarita diet, I will definitely sink my teeth into this new series. The show premieres February 3 on Netflix.

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