Drew Barrymore Is TV’s Latest Zombie

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock
Drew Barrymore is playing a real man-eater in her new Netflix series. We knew the Fever Pitch actress would be heading to the small screen for the upcoming comedy series The Santa Clarita Diet, but her character remained a mystery. No longer: Barrymore will be playing the flesh-eating zombie next door, and it sounds like the right recipe for a weird, wonderful show. Deadline previously reported that the series was about Sheila (Barrymore), a suburban mom who undergoes a "dramatic change" that sends both her and husband Joel's (Timothy Olyphant) life towards a path of "death and destruction... but in a good way." USA Today has shed some light on what that dramatic change would be, and, drum roll, please... it's death. According to the report, an undead Sheila develops a craving for flesh that can only be satisfied by consuming other humans. It certainly makes those ads, which feature Barrymore drinking a smoothie filled with human fingers, make a whole lot more sense. Barrymore is certainly a fun choice for the role of Santa Clarita's resident zombie. The actress' most iconic roles are ones in which she plays a total sweetheart — the kind of woman who would never hurt a fly, let alone her neighbor for a pound of flesh. Can you imagine Josie from Never Been Kissed snacking on one of her classmate's arms, or Julia from The Wedding Singer serving up cocktails garnished with eyeballs? I can't now, but after binging the upcoming series on Netflix, I bet I'll be able to.

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