Dinner At This Disneyland Restaurant Will Leave You In Debt

Say you were to come into a nice little chunk of change — let's say a $15,000 chunk — what would you do with it? You could put it into savings or towards a downpayment on your first home. Maybe you could buy a car or pay off some student loan debt. OR you could just go to Disneyland, have dinner with 11 of your closest pals, and blow it all in one shot.
Yes according to Eater, Disneyland in sunny California has opened a new restaurant that charges a modest $1,250 per plate. (You can make a reservation for up to 12 guests.) This magical money hole has been crowned 21 Royal and involves quite the immersive dining experience. As the website states it's, "an intimate evening amid the splendor of lavish décor and culinary inspiration." Guests are welcomed with cocktails in an effervescently lit courtyard and then can proceed onwards to the actual dining room, where a flurry of costumed butlers will serve them their seven-course meal. Dessert on the balcony, in the romantic night air, is optional. The eatery is located above the park's fan favorite Pirates of the Caribbean ride and was modeled off 19th century New Orlean's "Empire style." So, we'd liken the looks of it to dining in the Beast's enchanted palace. It really would be worth the 15 grand if those chairs sprouted dancing legs and the plates started singing. Just call me Belle — cause a broke girl can dream.

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