Wendy Williams Just Made An Awful Comment About Paris Jackson

Another day, another questionable comment from Wendy Williams. The Wendy Williams Show host criticized Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris. Williams suggested the model shouldn't be on the cover of Rolling Stone because she "has not made her mark on her own." "You cannot be on the cover of one of the most prestigious entertainment and influential magazines in the world and just be 'the daughter of' and tell your story inside," Williams added. It's a point that Jackson herself acknowledged in the Rolling Stone interview, saying she wanted to use her status to help raise awareness for causes like the environment. "I was born with this platform," Jackson told the magazine. "Am I gonna waste it and hide away? Or am I going to make it bigger and use it for more important things?" The most offensive part of Williams' rant, though, was an insult about Jackson's ethnicity. Jackson told Rolling Stone that she thinks of herself as Black, since her father was Black. "I consider myself Black," she told the magazine. Jackson said her dad "would look me in the eyes and he'd point his finger at me and he'd be like, 'You're Black. Be proud of your roots.'" Williams, however, took issue with Jackson's statements. "I get that she considers herself Black and everything, but I'm just talking about the visual because, you know… Black is not what you call yourself, it's what the cops see you when they got steel to your neck on the turnpike. It's what they see," she said on her talk show. "But that's cute, and good for her." Watch the full episode, in which Williams addresses Jackson's Rolling Stone cover, below.

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